Many stays at home moms have the problem of getting into a routine of exercising. This is because after you get the family out the door, your aim is to get back into bed, or, just “veg” out on the couch just to catch your breath for the second round of chores to do. Planning “me” time for one’s self is generally an uphill battle. We prioritize our family’s need above our own, and so we get put on the back burner. It takes motivation on your part to engage in an exercise routine that is satisfying.

Planning a Schedule for Exercise

Like most corporate persons, their daily planner is basically their friend. Everything to be done on a daily basis is penciled into that planner, so there are no excuses as to not making that appointment, or even getting to them late. This is the kind of discipline moms have to have when scheduling their exercise times. Use your refrigerator as a daily planner.  Get a magnetic board and stick it on the fridge. Write in all the daily activities you have for the week, and pencil in your 30 minutes of workout time as well.

It does not have to be an everyday event, you can start off at three days per week. This will give you the time to work your way up to do it for longer periods and even more days.

Use Technology to  Help

Many persons rely on their smartphones to keep a good schedule, so, use your phone. You can set the time you have on your planner into the phone with a fun song you want to exercise to. Many smart televisions also have this option, so you can set the schedule exercise time there as well.

Prepare your Exercise Space

Because many persons do not have a gym at home, you have to make do with whatever space there is. If your plan is to use the living room space by the coffee table, then set up your exercise mat overnight. This way you will be ready to do your routine on time. You will not have to stress over setting up as you would have done it already. Dress in your leggings and tank top or whatever you feel comfortable exercising in when you get up. This will certainly put you in the frame of mind for a workout.

Starting has always been the determining factor when deciding to exercise, so the above tips will motivate you. Treating yourself at the end of the week is another motivating tool you can use. Food has always been a good motivator, you can plan a night at the end of the week for family dinner and have whatever you like.  Remember this is your reward for sticking to your exercise schedule. Whatever exercise plan you have, it may not be working out at home, it could be jogging. Let it be something you enjoy. Exercise for you must not be a chore as this will be a demotivating factor. Once you decide to start, let it be an exercise routine you love doing. You may also have friends over to exercise with you as well because you all can be the motivation for each other.