Loving what you do and being able to help people achieve their various goals is always a plus in any chosen career. The life of a personal fitness consultant carries both the good and the bad. The average fitness trainer will tell you that it is more financially beneficial if they work with a company as a gym or at a resort. The job though is geared to help in the improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not carry many long term benefits as working for corporate salary. There are not many retirement benefits attached to this line of work.

Working in a freelance status maybe more to your financial benefit as the personal fitness consultant is able to ask for a higher fee than what they may receive if working for a gym or resort. Savings can be more in their reach, and are able to put aside moneys for retirement. Gyms and exercise clubs do not traditionally employ aged consultants, so it is a situation where they have to; “Make hay while the sun shines.” Some personal fitness consultants’ maybe fortunate to land a job with a celebrity and thus become famous themselves, but this is rear, the onus in on them to promote their skills in order to get the jobs that they need to pay the bills.

Personal training consultants rarely get to have any personal training time for them during secessions, this is because they spend most of the time with clients and unless they plan and stick to their own schedule will find the day totally dealing with clients. Time is spent motivating clients while helping to work out new schedules for the clients that need schedule upgrades. They help to chart nutritional diet sheets for their clients especially if there is a need for someone who is obese, which is a problem for many young persons internationally.

The financial plus is that many younger persons are gravitating to becoming personal fitness consultants as they become interested in their own health and wellbeing. The consultant recognizes this and so is able to capitalize on the demand, so the need is expected to grow, hence ensuring a steady source of employment. A survey done have shown the projected level of increased employment in this field, and is sure to continue as future as 2018. This is great news, as the planet needs to have and continue to have, the motivation that is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Michael – Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting
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